Design & Family friendly: Coco-Mat Hotel Kolonaki Athens review

Our Easter holiday trip to Greece began with a short stay in Athens. We have been several times in Athens, and every time, I try to discover a new area. This time, we picked the Kolonaki neighborhood, described as a trendy and exclusive part of the city. Located in the heart of Kolonaki, the Coco-Mat […]

Paris in one day with kids: our perfect itinerary

Are you spending only one day in Paris with kids? Let me be your guide in my hometown to get the most out of your short stay! What about a great itinerary from the historic center of Paris through the Left Bank side, among some of Parisian’s families favorite spots, gardens and museums? Follow me, […]

Why Puglia with kids worth it?

Puglia (deep South, the heel of the country ‘boot’), is one of Italy’s most magical regions we have travelled with the kids.   Why we loved it so much? Because in Puglia with kids we felt we experienced ‘real Italy’, discovering hidden gems remote from the touristy Venice-Florence-Rome-Amalfi-coast tours. 

10 Reasons to take your kids to Cuba now

Cuba is moving quickly: it surely means great changes for people, like a higher standard of living for the average Cuban and more on store’s shelves. But the increase of mass tourism, cruises and travel industry may not be so great. Don’t take the risk, and consider these reasons, among others, why you should take […]

3 reasons to travel with kids unplugged

Should we travel with kids unplugged, like 20 years ago? Am I crazy? This may sound strange nowadays (and because you’re reading that online!), but I strongly encourage my kids and teens to leave screens at home and stay unplugged when traveling. What are the benefits? What is the loss? What might happen choosing this […]

What is the best destination to travel with kids?

This is probably THE question every parents, including me, ask themselves one day, thinking about traveling as a family: “What is the best destination to travel with children?” Actually, it’s sounds a bit like other big questions: “Where is the best place to live? What’s the best husband/wife? What’s the best job?”, and so it […]

5 tips to avoid the crowds when traveling with kids

Of course, Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Colosseum or Sistine Chapel are on top of your bucket list when you visit Paris or Rome as a family. How the presumed highlight of your stay may turn in a very disappointing experience ? Reality check : two hours standing in massive never ending line, kids contemplating trousers because there’s a […]

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