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Travel-with-my-kids.com is a family travel information website. We do not sell travel. Travel-with-my-kids.com is based on really people’s experience traveling with kids: some are based on my own experiences, others from families traveling abroad with children. Thanks to all the traveling families for their precious contributions.

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Travel-with-my-kids.com is a personal website written and edited by me. All information can be found on WHOIS.

The copyright in this website belongs to… me! All intellectual property rights are reserved and protected by the French law, and I mean it. You may not use, modify, copy, adapt, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell any information or material (including logo, text content, images, pictures or video material) obtained from this website. You are not permitted to republish material from this website; mirror or frame the website, remove, alter or obscure any copyright.

I may forget something, so to make it short, what are you are allowed to? Come as often as you like, read and enjoy, print pages from the website for your own personal use and recommend this website to your dear friends and more!

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As the owner and writer for this site, I want my readers to have a transparent view into my goals : family travel reviews are about sharing, inspiring, and helping traveling families with firsthand experience and tips.

I do not accept sponsored posts, paid insertions, neither take trips that are sponsored or paid for by airlines, resorts, or other tourist attractions.

I do participate in affiliate programs, if I think they’re high quality and of service to my readers. Travel-with-my-kids.com is not a booking site, but where possible, links will point to a 3rd party where you can book pass and accommodations online. I hand-pick what I think my readers need, as I would as a traveling mum. I work with selected partners to provide great proposals for families: if you decide to book through one of my recommended links, I could earn a commission but your purchase price and experience will not be affected. I enjoy a lot working on my website, and also earning my living!

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You can contact me by email at: xxxxx@xxxxxx or through the contact form on the website.

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