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Who am I ?


I am Virginie, a French globe-trotter mom, founder and editor of Travel with my kids. With my husband and my three children, we have travelled a lot in Europe, in Asia, in the United-States, and in South America… and love traveling with kids!

Why Travel with my kids ?

First of all, traveling with kids doesn’t mean to necessarily spend your holidays in all-inclusive resorts. I decided to create this website when I realized that ‘classic guidebooks’ fail to meet the needs of a family. Because there is nothing like experience, I chose to give the floor to the traveling families themselves, so they can share with you what no travel agency or guide ever tells you: what real parents and real children thought of their journey! Everything you will read about was really experienced by a family.

Traveling with your children is a marvelous experience. However, forget improvisation, simple backpacks, and easy sailing into the wind. A successful family trip requires a little preparation and a good amount of organization: is here to help and allow you to bring back only good memories.

All that blended with a little ‘french mum touch’ that I hope you will enjoy, which means a few syntax errors, grumpy when necessary (only when necessary, I sware!), but overall good tips for the food and nice places all over the world to enjoy with kids!

Travel with my kids wishes you wonderful trips with the kids! 



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