10 Reasons to take your kids to Cuba now

Cuba is moving quickly: it surely means great changes for people, like a higher standard of living for the average Cuban and more on store’s shelves. But the increase of mass tourism, cruises and travel industry may not be so great. Don’t take the risk, and consider these reasons, among others, why you should take your kids to Cuba before it changes forever:

1. Because this might be the taxi coming to pick you at the airport. Right from the 60’s. 



2. Because staying in “casas particulares” (homestays) is nothing like being in an hotel. It’s awesome how Cubans open their houses with such confidence. Aside being very cheap, this is the best way to meet Cubans families and get an inside glimpse of their daily life. Forget the resorts!



3. Because your host may play with your son all morning long, trying to teach him how to play baseball. No such experience with Air Bnb !



4. Because you’ll have a perfect afternoon snorkeling here, almost alone with your kids in this turquoise Caribbean island’s water.



5. Because riding horses through the tobacco plantation is really appealing for the kids -worth a Florida-style theme park.



6. Because “Coca-Cola” is not available in Cuba. Oh don’t worry kids, instead you will get the Cuban version, “Tu-Kola” (Your Kola). And your parents will be so pleased by your aim of discovering local products that they can’t say no.



7. Because Cubans are kind, helpful, welcoming and know how to get the best out of life. I have barely meet people with such a deep sense of humor: a lesson to learn from them!



8. Because where else can you ride an old pink Chevrolet taxi… that the driver started by connecting the wires under the wheel!  In fifty years, who wouldn’t have loose their keys?



9. Because even if you missed the historical Rolling Stone’s concert in Cuba, you’ll listen to awesome live music everywhere in the streets, especially in Trinidad. Much more enjoyable with your kids.



10.Because nowadays, the streets of Trinidad’s historic center looks like that in the morning. Very quiet and peaceful. No guided-tours, only kids playing around. 



+ Bonus: Because traveling in Cuba is way easier than you probably think. Yet, you will find good rental cars and terrific mojitos. Seriously, do we need anything more?



We discovered Cuba with our three kids (7, 13 and 16) as independent travelers, for a two weeks road-trip, and loved so much our stay! Coming soon, a complete review of our trip with kids to Cuba: Havana, Trinidad, and Vinales…


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  1. Thanks for sharing all about your family’s trip to Cuba! We are adding it as a new destination very soon!

  2. Excellent tips, and very clear information. Loved the pictures too. All valid reasons, as a Latin American myself, I’d love to see Cuba soon.

  3. We went to Cuba before we had children and loved it: havana in particular captured us – we had meant to travel actoss the whole island but ended up turning back : we couldn’t have enough of it! I’d love to bring the kids and you’re right: we should go soon 🙂

  4. Cuba looks authentic unspoiled by the western influence’s that shape most of our world. Wonder how long that will last now that its opening up for tourism from America

  5. We’ve been eyeing Cuba for several years now, and really want to go soon. Thanks for sharing so much detail on your experience there. I’m looking forward to your followup posts on the different cities you visited!

  6. Looks completely amazing, I would love to bring my kids here. I particularly love the idea of the casas particulares- a great insight into Cuban life I’m sure.

  7. Looks like an amazing experience.

  8. Love this! Just went to Cuba recently and couldn’t agree more with what you’ve just said. Most people still have the perception that Cuba is dangerous, but it really is one of the safest places I’ve ever visited. Hope more people get to realise this!

  9. What a great country to visit! You’ve put such a great list together of things to do with kids – thank you. The hospitality, the vintage cars – it’s all so mesmerizing like being stuck in a time warp. We hope we can visit soon. Great post Virginie!


  10. kiley

    where in specific did you stay?

    • virginie

      Hi Kiley, we went to Havana, Trinidad and Vinales and spent one day one the south coast. So we visited mainly the Western part of the island.

  11. Karin Bruno

    I have a question. I heard it’s helpful when you visit Cuba with kids to speak spanish. Would it be ok to visit there with only tiny little Spanish knowledge?

    • virginie

      Hi Karin, from my experience, it wasn’t a big matter not to speak Spanish or only tiny little knowledge as you said. Cubans in tourism activity often speak a little English, and we managed well like that. Of course it would have been wonderful to really be able to talk with people, but it wasn’t our case. Anyway, most people we met were really welcoming and helpful, even if we can’t talk a lot together 🙂

  12. Gemma

    Hi Virginia. We’re beginning to plan a trip for this November. Which Casas did you stay at? Many thanks

    • virginie

      Hi Gemma, we stayed at La Colonial 1861 in Havana (Vedado), in Trinidad : Casa Colonial El Patio (Ciro Redondo #274 – Trinidad- tel: 00 53 41 99 43 01) and El Cafetal in Vinales (elcafetal@correodecuba.cu, 00 53 52 23 91 75). Here is my complete review, but sorry, in French! Have a very nice trip in amazing Cuba 🙂

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