10 reasons you should never take your kids to Venice

Venice may be the most romantic place for lovers. But is it a great place to take the kids? Check the facts and make up your mind!

  1. A city built on the water? Where cabs, police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances are boats? Don’t expect your kids to be dazzled, they have seen that hundred times.


  1. Kids will want to take a gondola ride every day. And you can’t afford it.


  1. Children are not fond of ice cream. They will barely ask for ‘gelato’, just to be polite.


  1. You will bring back a collection of carnival masks. Full of feathers and spangles.


  1. They are not interested in historical places. Even if the secret visit of Doge’s Palace is about prisoners’ dungeon, tortures chambers, and daring escapes.


  1. There are no playgrounds in Venice.


  1. Kids won’t enjoy eating ‘pizza’ and ‘pasta’, again and again. Soon, they’ll ask for vegetables.


  1. Once they have taken the city’s ferry called ‘vaporetto’, the public transportation back home might loose its appeal.


  1. Discovering the glassblowers’ work on Murano Island is not so impressive for kids. Everybody can craft a figurine from a blob of molten glass.


  1. You may be stuck on a nice sunny terrace, forced to sip a ‘spritz’ cocktail, because kids are having too much fun running after the hundreds pigeons of the small square. The sad truth is that you don’t even have to be careful because there are no cars. And no risk.


So… Venice is one of the European’s most magnificent destination, and of course a fabulous place to take the kids! We have been there several times, and never get tired of it: this is a place where the magic happens.

Find our best tips and advice to discover the city with kids here, and let us know your own!

  1. haha! yep, all kids hate ice cream, right?! 🙂

  2. ha ha cool article i enjoyed it

  3. Eating pizza and pasta every day – my kids would be in heaven! I dream of the day they ask for vegetables! Looks like a great place to take kids anyway! 🙂

  4. So true all of it although I didn’t take my kids… us big kids enjoyed all the above.

  5. Amy

    We took the kids this summer, and they ate gelatin and pizza until it came out of their ears! And the gondola was absolutely a highlight!

  6. Sounds like an awful place, my kids would hate all of that gelato and pizza haha!

  7. I certainly looks like you had a tough time. I can see imagine sipping cocktails could become a real drag 😉

  8. Haha, loved reading this! I haven’t brought the kids to Venice yet but I know they would love it: and ‘cicchetti’ are a great excuse for frequent stops 😉

  9. I once did Venice with a baby… those bridges were no happy ride, I tell you. 🙂

    • virginie

      Gabi I do believe you! So many steps… may be a baby-carrier is the best solution with a baby in Venice.

  10. Cool article! We are the big kids ourselves, and I am sure we would not like it either! 🙂

  11. Hahaa this was an awesome read 🙂 Loved reading it!

  12. Hi Virginie congrats for this nice blog…. once I have been in Venice with my 14 months baby….After this week need another week of holidays 😉

  13. HA, great list! I’ve always wanted to go to Venice. Now I know it will appeal to the kids as much as it does to me.

  14. I loved your sense of humor! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

  15. liz

    hahahaha I love this!! Sounds like all the things kids would love apply to me too…. gelato anyone???

  16. hehe totally agree! Venice is full of dangers for kids 😛

  17. Rosi C.

    That is funny. cool article. I guess it depends on the child and their interests. 🙂

  18. Haha, I was in Venice as a kid and absoletely loved it. I mean all that ice cream, masks and gondolas… 🙂

  19. Rebecca

    Haha! Yeah all that food, gondola rides, and especially the torture chambers and daring escapes would be boring. LOL It’s wonderful to be able to do things as a family.

  20. I could totally see kids loving Venice and I wish I had gotten to go when I was your kids’ age! I think there’s something so great about bringing your kids abroad!!

  21. Gina

    Good to know that Venice is family friendly! Is it really expensive and are there a lot of tourists there?

  22. Anastasia Sofia

    Hahaha I don’t know about kids, all these things apply to myself 😀

  23. I love Venice ! Such a beautiful city and I’m glad your kids had fun too !

  24. Very funny perspective on how to actually take your children to Venice. I have been there once and I have to say I enjoyed every single thing that a kid would (maybe not chasing pigeons in the square though). 🙂

  25. Just brilliant. Love it!

  26. Angela

    Bahahaha, love this! Cute spin for a post. We don’t have kids, but we take our nephews on trips sometimes and I’m thinking they would do just fine in Venice 🙂

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